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17 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60602
The Adler School of Professional Psychology was founded in 1952 in Chicago. Now Adler offers 2 separate locations operating out of Chicago and Vancouver, as well as online programs to be taken over the internet. The driving idea that an individual's health is in a way controlled and promoted by his or her community has created a groundbreaking development in the psychological community. Students can choose from five different online specialties in the psychology department including an MA in Psychology with a Specialization in Military Psychology, Criminology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Nonprofit Management, as well as Emergency Management and Leadership. Programs are student-centered and revolve around interactive and engaging materials to promote a better learning strategy. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Industrial & Organizational PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Master of Arts in Military PsychologyMaster'sOnline
7400 Augusta, River Forest, IL 60305-1499
The Concordia University in Chicago currently offers an MA in Psychology. The degree combines hands-on experience with theoretical knowledge, in preparation for careers in research, mental health or education, be that in institutional or academic sectors. The curriculum includes both online and on campus courses, including various research pieces. It is also necessary to complete a thesis in order to obtain the degree. Concordia University is one of the oldest universities in our country and they pride themselves on delivering courses through innovative technology (such as online classes) and on their strong global partnerships, including one with the government in India. [full profile]
Masters of Arts in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in Behavioral NeuroscienceMaster'sCampus
Masters in Applied Behavior AnalysisMaster'sCampus
Masters in Clinical Behavior ApplicationMaster'sCampus
55 E Jackson, Chicago, IL 60604
The Department of Psychology at DePaul University are passionate about providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge for them to become high quality, notable scholars and professionals who can benefit the world of Psychology in a big way. The award winning faculty members work alongside the students to help guide them on the way to greatness with opportunities to take part in research activities and gain valuable experience in internship settings. The department offers eight undergraduate programs along with two Masters Degrees and four Doctoral Degrees which cover a wide range of areas related to psychology and other specializations. [full profile]
Masters of Arts in Clinical PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Arts in Community PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Arts in Psychological ScienceMaster'sCampus
Masters of Arts in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (MA/PhD)Master'sCampus
PhD in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Community PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Psychological SciencePhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Industrial & Organizational PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Masters in Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters/CAS School Psychology - Clinical Health Psychology - Health Psychology - Pediatric School PsychologyMaster'sCampus
1032 W. Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660
Loyola University in Chicago is a Catholic Institution who's Psychology Department offers a graduate program with a focus in two areas, Healthy Development in Children Youth and Families and Psychological Foundations of Social Justice. The Department's faculty members work alongside the students in various classroom activities and active research projects with the aim of providing the valuable skills and knowledge in Clinical, Social and Developmental Psychology. The Clinical track is designed for Graduates wishing to pursue an academic or professional career in clinical Psychology whilst the developmental is more suited to those looking for a career outside of the clinical field. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Social PsychologyMaster'sCampus
MasterÕs General psychologyMaster'sCampus
Doctoral Degree in PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
122 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603
Through the National Louis University, you are able to obtain a Master's in Psychology. This degree is suitable both for those who wish to start work in a variety of psychological settings, and for those who want to further their academic career and study on towards a doctoral program. Additionally, they offer a range of psychology certificates for those who require more specialized knowledge. These include general psychology, health, human development, organizational and psychological assessment. The National Louis University is one of the oldest and most diverse in the state of Chicago. It is also known as the "teacher of teachers." [full profile]
Master of Arts in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Arts in General PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Arts in Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
1425 W. Lincoln Hwy., Dekalb, IL 60115-2828
Northern Illinois University strives to provide advanced training in programs such as clinical, instructional, developmental, social, industrial, and school psychology as well as excelling in neuroscience and behavior. Theoretical and practical material is studied throughout these full-time programs to deliver skills that will assist students in succeeding not only in their academics, but also in job placements throughout the psychology community. Applied research and practitioner positions are filled for internships and cooperative programs to prepare future psychologists for what lies ahead. NIU graduate students in the psychology program are expected to take 12 credit hours each semester, disallowing part-time or night studies, and are encouraged to work toward a Ph.D in their chosen field. [full profile]
Masters in Clinical PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in Cognitive & Instructional PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in Developmental PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in Neuroscience and BehaviorMaster'sCampus
Masters in School PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
PhD in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Personality PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Cognitive PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Social PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
633 Clark St, Evanston, IL 60208
Northwestern University founded its psychology department in 1909 and focuses on five contemporary studies. The main foci revolve around the brain in relation to cognitive and behavioral sciences as well as clinical, social, and personality studies. Students are given the opportunity to apply for an undergraduate major, undergraduate minor, or a graduate study in the psychology program, which is expected to develop into a future career. The staff at Northwestern is well trained in their individual fields and deeply involved in shaping the future of tomorrow through academic materials and literature, a vast knowledge base, as well as their own personal contributions to the scientific world. [full profile]
PhD in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Personality PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Cognitive PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Social PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Masters in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
430 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605-1394
Roosevelt University's department of psychology acknowledges the growing needs of today's society and designs both undergraduate and graduate programs to fit the necessary requirements of the modern psychologist. Located in Chicago, Illinois, Roosevelt University offers campuses in Schaumburg, downtown Chicago, and also through distance education over the internet. One of the more prominent features of this department is the unique curriculum which has been balanced to provide support and motivation for students of all backgrounds. As a partner of the university, Harper College provides various options for psychology students to participate in research and earn both their Bachelor and Master of Arts degree. [full profile]
Masters of Arts in Clinical PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Arts in Counseling & Psychological ServicesMaster'sCampus
3333 Green Bay Road, North Chicago, IL 60064-3095
The Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science offers a Master of Science program which includes academic, scientific and professional training, ending in a Degree in Clinical Counseling. The faculty are committed to giving a high level of informed teachings which will equip students with an understanding of the framework behind Clinical Counseling Psychology, as well as a wide range of practice methods and research skills. Whilst the program does not the chance to study a set track or specialization, it does offer certain electives which enable students to focus a small part of their learning in areas of interest such as nutrition and psychopathology. [full profile]
Masters in Clinical Counseling MS IN PsychologyMaster'sCampus
MS Counseling & Psychological ServicesMaster'sCampus
MS Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Il State Rte 157, Edwardsville, IL 62026-1001
If you want to work with children and young people and improve their mental health and well-being, in particular within their educational settings, then the Clinical Child and School Psychology degrees from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will be of great interest to you. At present, they offer two different degree programs, being the Master of Science and the Specialist in School Psychology. The focus of the degree is on community assistance and prevention, rather than reactive treatment. Additionally, it looks at the ecological approach, which is a sustainable manner of working that we should all have signed up to by now. [full profile]
Master of Science Specialist in School PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Education (Ed.M.) Program in PsychologicalMaster'sCampus
325 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60654
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Chicago offer a huge range of degree options for those interested in psychology. There are a number of Master's Degree programs, psychology certificate programs and doctoral degree programs. Many of the courses within the university are delivered online, which gives people who are already in employment the opportunity to study too. The classes are provided because the school focuses on delivering education to the global student population, with a mission statement of transforming the world. The school focuses on delivering innovation through new technology and development in order to achieve their mission statement. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Forensic PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Ph.D. in International PsychologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
Ph.D. in International Psychology - Organizations and Systems ConcentrationPhD/DoctorateOnline
Ph.D. in International Psychology - Trauma Services ConcentrationPhD/DoctorateOnline
Psy.D. in Business PsychologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
Clinical Psychology MS DegreeMaster'sOnline
6601 W College Dr, Palos Heights, IL 60463-0929
Trinity Christian College currently offers a counseling psychology degree. This is a Master's program that allows you to be a LPC in two to three years. The course is taught from a Christian perspective and aims to help students to become practitioners that can deliver God's message to the communities that they will serve. The courses are delivered on evenings, which makes them particularly suitable for those already in employment. Additionally, online components are added during the summer to enable more rapid learning. The degree also requires students to complete two internships over the course of their educational career, for which the university will provide full support. [full profile]
Master's in Counseling PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Science in Applied PsychologyMaster'sCampus
2065 Half Day Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015-1283
There are two different psychology Master of Arts programs which are currently offered at Trinity International University-Illinois, the first of which is a Counseling Psychology and the second is Mental Health Counseling, your eventual learning and career goals should decide which track you wish to take. Both of these programs are designed to give students a strong foundation on which to build necessary skills and knowledge surround counseling practice, methods and theories in a wide range of fields as well as to enable graduates to go on to further study at a Doctoral level or to enter a career in the Psychology field. [full profile]
The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MA/CP)Master'sCampus
Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling (MA/MHC)Master'sCampus
Master of Arts (Master of Arts) in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
601 S Morgan, Chicago, IL 60607
The Psychology Department in the University of Illinois at Chicago offers both Degree Programs and Graduate Study for candidates who wish to obtain a Master of Arts Degree and progress on to a Doctoral Degree and gain the valuable knowledge and skills required to become a successful professional in the Psychology field. There are five divisions which students may choose one of to major in, Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive, Community and Prevention Research and Personality and Social, in addition to a minor area which must be approved. There are several training and practical opportunities throughout the department which are available to graduate students. [full profile]
Master of Arts in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Doctor of PhilosophyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Science in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Science in Clinical Health PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masterof Science in Health PsychologyMaster'sCampus
1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455
Western Illinois University's psychology graduate program offers M.S. in General Experimental Psychology, M.S. in Clinical and Community Mental Health, and a Specialist Degree in School Psychology. These programs give graduates the tools needed to succeed in a large range of occupations in the human services industry. Over the course of the program students will sharpen their research and practical skills through course work and psychology labs. Some jobs students may pursue are in fields such as School Psychology, Addiction Counseling, as a staff specialist, or a number of other possible positions. Professions for qualifications gained through completion of this degree may be found in both public and private venues. [full profile]
Masters of Science in General Experimental PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Science in Clinical/Community Mental HealthMaster'sCampus
Specialist Degree in School PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in Clinical PsychologyMaster'sCampus

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