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Delaware Psychology Master's + PhD & Doctorate

104 Hullihen Hall, Newark, DE 19716
The University of Delaware is the university of choice for many people who want to have a focus on psychology. They offer three different undergraduate degrees, being the BS and the BA in psychology, and a BS in neuroscience. Additionally, they have four different Ph.D. programs on offer (behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, clinical science and social psychology). The school is committed to providing you with a fantastic learning environment by offering world class research facilities and by ensuring you are fully supported as a student. Indeed, they have been awarded numerous awards to demonstrate the excellence they offer to their students. [full profile]
Program Type Format
Doctoral in Psychology of Behavioral Neuroscience - Clinical Science - Cognitive Psychology - Social Psychology PhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Science Developmental-Clinical Psychology Master'sCampus
320 Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720
The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree provided by Wilmington University gives students an in-depth education in how humans think and behave. Expert faculty, well versed in their field give a firm base of general psychology practice and theory to prepare graduates for successful careers in community relations, human services, or for more advanced degrees in graduate programs. Wilmington University also gives graduates the opportunity to participate in a variety of certificate programs and specialized fields of expertise such as their Master of Science, Clinical Mental health Counseling degree, Post Master's Mental Health Counseling degree, and Post Master's Child and Family counseling degree. [full profile]
Program Type Format
Master of Science Master'sCampus
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master'sCampus
Post Master's Mental Health Counseling Master'sCampus
Post Master's Child and Family Counseling Master'sCampus
Master of Education in Educational Psychology Master'sOnline

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