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Administration Bldg 200; 1509 N Boulder Ave, Russellville, AR 72801-2222
Arkansas Tech University has designed a Master of Science in psychology degree that promotes advanced studies through a varied selection of training tools and methods. The program is based around the importance of research within the many facets of the psychology world. Each student will be assigned a faculty member to advise and mentor throughout their time at ATU, and a thesis must be completed during this time. Applicants to the program must already hold an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 18 hours of Psychology including statistics and research methods. An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher in previous studies is also required for entry into the MS program. [full profile]
Master of Science in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental DisabilitiesMaster'sCampus
Ph.D. in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Ph.D. in Cognitive and Behavioral SciencesPhD/DoctorateCampus
Ph.D. in Industrial/OrganizationalPhD/DoctorateCampus
Administration Bldg 425, Fayetteville, AR 72701
Two degree programs in psychological science are offered at the University of Arkansas. These are the experimental psychology and clinical psychology pathways. The first two years of the degrees are the same and are designed to teach you how to become a psychologist. The university strongly believes that this is a necessary foundation before you study towards a specialization such as clinical or experimental psychology. In order to maintain the quality that the university is known for, you will be expected to have at least a B grade point average during the entire course, or above if at all possible. [full profile]
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology - Cognition and Neural Systems (CNS) - Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology (EEP)PhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Health Psychology (CHP)PhD/DoctorateCampus

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