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408 Administration Building, 201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, GA 30322
Emory University's Department of Psychology has three different programs available for graduates, these are Clinical, Cognition and Development and Neuroscience and Animal Behavior. To study at a Doctoral level students will first need to achieve a Masters Degree after which they will need to take a qualifying exam and then begin research into a specialized dissertation which will eventually lead to a Doctoral Degree. The whole program lasts between five and seven years on a full time basis and is a perfect match for those looking for a successful research based career with a strong background in competent Clinical Psychology practice. [full profile]
Doctor of Philosophy in Clinicial PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctor of Philosophy in Cognition and DevelopmentPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience and Animal BehaviorPhD/DoctorateCampus
Masters Degree in Community PsychologyMaster'sCampus
225 North Ave, Atlanta, GA 30332-0530
The Georgia Institute of Technology currently offers various pathways within the field of psychology, including some at undergraduate level. At graduate level, you can study either towards an MS or towards a Doctor of Philosophy in one of five specialized areas. These are cognitive aging, cognition and brain science, industrial/organizational psychology, engineering psychology and quantitative psychology. The emphasis is placed strongly on quantitative skills and you will have to take part in rigorous methodological and theoretical foundations of psychology. As such, you will have to take part both in classroom based studies and various research projects, supported by a mentor. [full profile]
Master of Science Engineering PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Science Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Science Quantitative PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Doctor of Philosophy Engineering PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctor of Philosophy Industrial/Organizational PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctor of Philosophy Quantitative PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Master of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in General PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Master of Science in Addiction CounselingMaster'sOnline
Master of Science in Christian CounselingMaster'sOnline
Master of Science in Christian Counseling of Substance Use and Addictive DisordersMaster'sOnline
Master of Science in Professional CounselingMaster'sOnline
Master of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral HealthPhD/DoctorateOnline
Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Cognition and InstructionPhD/DoctorateOnline
Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational PsychologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Integrating TechnologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
and PsychologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance PsychologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
33 gilmer st, Atlanta, GA 30303-3083
The Georgia State University's Psychology Department plays home to 41 distinguished faculty members as well as 9 appointees ready to help students achieve their educational and professional goals. Similar to other University programs, the MA program at GSU provides training in general sciences, research methodology, and assists students in performing crucial roles throughout their community. Georgia State also provides unique program options unlike alternative institutes such as offering more than 2000 different psychology majors, and supplying undergraduate degrees in both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science program to more than 300 students each year. Graduates from Georgia State go on to lead successful lives within the Psychological community. [full profile]
PhD in Psychology - ClinicalPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Psychology - Cognitive SciencesPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Psychology - Community DevelopmentalPhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Psychology - Neuropsychology and Behavioral NeurosciencePhD/DoctorateCampus
Masterof Science PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Administration Building, Athens, GA 30602
The University of Georgia offers a range of different psychology graduate programs. Indeed, they have four different areas of focus, being the behavioral and brain sciences, clinical psychology, industrial and organizational psychology and, finally, the MA in I/O Psychology. Additionally, they also offer a Ph.D. program in interdisciplinary neurosciences. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the fact that the university's students are regularly recognized on a national level for their dedication and hard work. Not only are various students regularly recognized, professors have been similarly awarded for their dedication to deliver top quality education to their students. [full profile]
PhD. Interdisiplinary NeurosciencePhD/DoctorateCampus
PhD in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Masters in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
1601 Maple St, Carrollton, GA 30118-0001
The University of West Georgia offers a full range of psychology programs that reflect the depth of the spectrum that is psychology. The degrees you can choose from include the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts, the graduate Master of Arts and the Ph.D. programs. There are two Ph.D. programs, one being the consciousness and society option and the integrative health studies certificate. The mission of the University of West Georgia is to ensure you are able to reach your full educational and academic potential, while at the same time offering you personal attention in a supportive and pleasant environment. [full profile]
Masters in PsychologyMaster'sOnline
PhD in Psychology - Consciousness and SocietyPhD/DoctorateOnline
& Community Transformation Psy.D.PhD/DoctorateOnline
Master of Arts in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
1500 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31698
Valdosta State University requires a grade point average between 2.5 and 3.00, although this is a competitive field of study and most students who are accepted have a 3.0 of higher. Throughout the program students are required to enroll in certain courses to lay the groundwork for success in their chosen field. These courses include Statistics, Introduction to Psychology, and certain Experimental courses designed to give hands on experience in future professions. Students who graduate from Valdosta may qualify for licensure depending on the degree that is acquired. Most Master's programs don't fulfill the requirements necessary to write licensing exams. Doctoral programs, however, are gateways into licensed clinical and counseling professions. [full profile]
Masters in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Doctorate in Behavior AnalysisPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctorate in Behavioral NeurosciencePhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctorate in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctorate in Clinical Child PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus

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