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2000 University Ave, Muncie, IN 47306
Master of Arts in Social PsychologyMaster'sOnline
PhD in Educational Psychology (School)Master'sCampus
Master of Arts in Applied Social PsychologyMaster'sOnline
MA/EdS in School PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Arts in Clinical PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Science in Quantitative PsychologyMaster'sCampus/Online
Master of Arts in Educational PsychologyMaster'sCampus/Online
Master of Arts in Applied Behavior AnalysisMaster'sCampus/Online
Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Educational PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Arts in CounselingMaster'sCampus
2400 New York Ave, Whiting, IN 46394
Calumet College of Saint Joseph currently runs a B.S. degree in Psychology. This course is designed to make sure you get the skills, knowledge and values you need in order to prepare you for graduate degrees, or to start working in various psychological fields. What sets the university apart is that they are small and orientated on families and family values. They have small classes, because they want to be able to make sure everybody gets the most out of their learning process. Additionally, as a student, you will be treated and supported as an individual. It is for this reason that they do not have any out-of-state tuition either. [full profile]
Master of Arts in PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Master of Science (M.S) in Psychology Major in Marriage and Family TherapyMaster'sOnline
Master of Science (M.S) in Psychology Major in Mental Health CounselingMaster'sOnline
Master of Science (M.S) in Psychology Major in School CounselingMaster'sOnline
Master of Science (M.S) in Industrial Organizational PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Master of Science (M.S) in Industrial Organizational Psychology (Online)Master'sOnline
Master of Science (M.S) in Counseling PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Industrial Organizational PscyhologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in General PsychologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateOnline
210 N 7th St, Terre Haute, IN 47809
The General Experimental Master's Program at Indiana State University is designed to help you on your way towards a Ph.D., or to start work within the community in the field of experimental psychology. The program places a strong focus on research skills, which opens a wide range of employment opportunities. Indiana State University is one of the older universities in the country. They have always had a strong focus on creating communities of alumni, using their own team colors, team mascots, fight songs and even special days to celebrate and reward achievement. Clearly, it is a university that is rich in tradition. [full profile]
Masters in Experimental PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Clinical Psychology DoctoratePhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctorate in Cognitive PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctorate in Counseling PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctorate in Social PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
3400 Broadway, Gary, IN 46408-1197
Indiana University-Northwest's Department of Psychology offers a few different options for psychology majors and degrees. The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees can be obtained. One of these is a specialization in Gender Studies which acts as a stepping stone in to the Bachelor of Arts which helps to prepare students for further study at higher level. The Masters Degree focuses on Clinical Counseling which gives students the valuable knowledge and skills needed to obtain a position in an Addictions Counseling position. They can also provide undergraduate coursework on request for those wanting to increase the chances of being accepted onto a high level program. [full profile]
Masters in Clinical Counseling with Specialization in Drug and Alcohol CounselingMaster'sCampus
Masters of Arts in Sport PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Masters of Arts in Sport Psychology -Clinical PsyDMaster'sOnline
Masters of Arts in Sport Psychology - MBA Dual DegreeMaster'sOnline
425 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5143
At Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, you can take part in a number of different psychology graduate programs. One option is a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, but you could also choose the MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or the Ph.D. in Addiction Neuroscience. The university is dedicated to making sure you have a positive learning experience. Hence, they deliver their tuition in small classes, where you can get plenty of individual attention. Furthermore, they have fantastic laboratory and research facilities and they use a variety of interactive teaching and learning methods. Finally, the school really wants to give people the feeling that they are part of a community. [full profile]
Master of Science Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
PhD in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)PhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Science PsychologyMaster'sOnline
1400 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227-3697
There are four different tracks available in the Clinical Science Masters Degree program offered by the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Indianapolis, Foundational, Research, Mental health Counseling and Mental Health Counseling and Addictions Counseling. Each of these programs have been designed specifically to assist students to achieve their individual career and learning goals, Whether this means going on to study at a Doctoral level or entering employment in the specific area of Psychology related to their chosen track. They pride themselves on giving students the valuable skills and knowledge necessary to become successful in their future endeavors. [full profile]
Master's in Clinical PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in School CounselingMaster'sCampus
Masters in Career PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in Sports PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters in Counseling PsychologyMaster'sCampus
PhD in Counseling Psychology with a subspecialty in Sports PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
400 Main Building, Notre Dame, IN 46556
University of Notre Dame encourages practical hands-on methodology in graduate programs ranging from cognitive, clinical, quantitative and developmental psychology to doctoral programs specializing in computer science, engineering, and peace studies. The training offered through ND is based on the belief that the basic principles of general science and applied behavioral science are both necessary for success in the field of psychology. Research, problem solving, clinical applications, and nonacademic activities come together to create a solid education for graduates. Notre Dame does not have a set requirement for minimal GPA during the application process, but the admission process is highly competitive and low GPA's are rarely accepted. [full profile]
Ph.D. in Psychology Clinical CognitionPhD/DoctorateCampus
and BehaviorPhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Science in Counseling PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Doctor of Psychology - EvaluationPhD/DoctorateCampus
Research & MeasurementPhD/DoctorateCampus
US Highway 30 and Sturdy Road, Valparaiso, IN 46383
At Valparaiso University, you can study towards a Master of Education/Education Specialist in School Psychology. This program looks firstly at education and psychological foundations, such as behavior, cognitive ability, ethics and more. Secondly, it offers the education specialist component, which is about such areas as helping relationships, developing curriculum and more. There are also a number of elective elements that you could take part in. The study is designed for those who wish to work in educational establishments, or in local or federal government education boards. Various stringent criteria for admission do stand, and you must ascertain whether you meet these before applying. [full profile]
Master of Education/Education Specialist in School PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Ph.D in PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Psy.D. Study in PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Arts in General PsychologyMaster'sCampus

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