200+ Best Paying Careers in Psychology & Counseling

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One of the defining aspects of a career in psychology is its sheer variety. People with Masters’ degrees in psychology can go in many directions. Psychologists who choose to stay directly in the field may conduct both basic and applied research, may diagnose and treat people, or test personality and intelligence.

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Average Psychologist salaries for job postings nationwide are 42% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

Or, many people with a psychology degree may decide to work outside the field, working with business executives, children, performers or athletes to reduce stress in their lives to improve the quality of their lives. They may advise attorneys on how to select jurors, or possibly work with educators on how to reform a school system. They also may work with public health workers and law enforcement to help people to overcome shock and trauma in an emergency situation.

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Manda Coupe and Gladys Calderón, Psychology students from Indiana University-Purdue University of Fort Wayne give insight into a career in Psychology.

The extensive career list below reveals just how varied a career in this field can be. Whatever your interest in the field, you can find an enjoyable and lucrative career with a degree in psychology.

200+ Best Paying Psychology Careers

1Adult Psychiatrist$204,000
Adult psychiatrists work with adults who suffer from poor mental health. They are licensed to treat disorders and illnesses through therapeutic methods as well as by prescribing medications.
2Psychiatry Child Adolescent Physician$204,000
A Psychiatry Child Adolescent Physician is a medical doctor that focuses on the mental health of children and adolescents.
3Psychiatry Geriatrics Physician$204,000
A Psychiatry Geriatrics Physician works closely with elderly patients diagnosing and treating mental illnesses that come with age such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.
4Outpatient Psychiatrist$203,000
Outpatient Psychiatrists work outside of a hospital setting and are licensed professionals in the field of medicine that are eligible to diagnose and prescribe medication for mental illness. They may use psychotherapy or psychoanalysis as tools to treat patients.
5Psychiatry Physician$198,000
Psychiatry Physicians are medical physicians who specialize in treating disorders involved in the field of mental health. Diagnosis and treatment of patients, as well as psychological testing and treatments may be administered in this line of work. Most Psychiatry Physicians work within a specific niche, treating children or elderly patients, for example.
6Psychiatry Forensic Physician$193,000
A Psychiatry Forensic Physician works within the legal system and prison system to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients showing signs of possible mental illness.
Gerontologists are advanced health care professionals who work in the field of aging. They often work with older people and provide analysis of their behavior so as to enrich their lives.
8Inpatient Clinical Psychiatrist$178,000
Inpatient Clinical Psychiatrists work with patients who are admitted to hospitals and other healthcare facilities and analyze mental health so that they can treat them appropriately. Prescribing medicine, ordering tests, and recommending therapy are all tasks that will be completed within this profession.
9Sports Psychologist$143,000
A sports psychologist works with athletes and with sports teams to help them to overcome mental and emotional obstacles to success on the field.
10Geriatric Care Specialist$122,000
Giving advice and making big life decisions regarding subjects like healthcare and where to live are some of the characteristics of this position. Geriatric Care Specialists will deal with complex issues within the geriatric community, and offer care both physically and emotionally to their clients.
11Small Business Owner$104,000
A Small Business Owner owns and operates a unique business specific to his skill set. Sometimes this comes due to an innovative new product, other times a service is being offered.
12Advertising Agent$102,000
Advertising Agents assist clients in creating or streamlining marketing campaigns to suit customer needs. They also work as a primary point of contact between their advertising firm and the client as they design sales presentations to show clients how the company can boost their product or service.
13Consulting Services Director$102,000
A Consulting Services Director manages the business development and personnel involved in a consulting firm. They provide direction and quality management for the team.
14Social Behavioral Scientist$101,000
A Social Behavioral Scientist researches the field of behavior within a social setting or community and analyses the data to find ways to improve society through information gained during study.
15Industrial/Organizational Psychologist$99,000
This type of psychologist studies the workplace and helps employers to select the best types of employees for different jobs.
16Academic Sports Psychologist$97,000
The typical job of an Academic Sports Psychologist is to assist athletes in overcoming performance and personal anxieties and overcome mental responses to pressure and injuries. They may instruct athletes or entire teams on ways to condition them mentally.
17Applied Sports Psychologist$97,000
An Applied Sports Psychologist works with athletes to rehabilitate injuries that are incurred during practices and games. They also assist in transitions between careers and communication within the team. They may also work with parents and coaches.
18Director of Business Development$95,000
A Director of Business Development works to manage a team that analyses growth within a company and creates organized plans to build further success. This covers a variety of subjects like supply chain management and marketing research.
19Clinical Sports Psychologist$94,000
Clinical Sports Psychologists work with athletes and athletic teams through coaching, counseling and training. They may find problems within the life of an athlete and work to find a resolution.
20Geriatric Psychologist$92,000
A geriatric psychologist studies the emotional, cognitive and social processes that occur in older people, and observe and work with these older people to help them with mental and emotional issues.
21Pain Psychologist$91,000
A Pain Psychologist works with patients who are suffering from chronic forms of pain and assists them through psychological therapies. Sometimes this pain is considered to be somaticized, which means that psychological disorders can present themselves through physical symptoms.
22Air Force Psychologist$90,000
An Air Force psychologist is a psychological professional who works in a branch of the Air Force. He may work with people in the service with mental and emotional issues.
A geropsychologist prives psychological services to older people who are dealing with aging related changes in their lives. It is expected that this type of service will become more necessary as more Baby Boomers age.
24Business Intelligence Specialist$88,000
Business Intelligence Specialists sort through large loads of data using specialized software programs to locate specific information and then make reports based on that information. This can help companies understand how each department is functioning and the efficiency within that department.
25Senior Psychologist$88,000
A Senior Psychologist is a lead psychologist in a particular field of study; this can be in several different industries. Senior Psychologists work with other psychologists in behavioral and clinical roles to mentor, and monitor activity.
26Sports Rehabilitation Therapist$88,000
Sports Rehabilitation Therapists work closely with athletes as physical trainers or physical therapists and help work on injuries and other negative physical affects that sports may have had on the body.
27Navy Psychologist$86,000
A Navy psychologist works with Navy personnel on their mental and emotional concerns and needs. These professionals provide counseling services to military members both in deployment and at home.
28Supervisory Clinical Psychologist$86,000
Supervisory Clinical Psychologists work under a psychology director to organize and direct psychology programs. They train and direct employees through work with mental health patients.
29Clinical Hospital Psychologist$83,000
A Clinical Hospital Psychologist diagnoses and treats patients suffering from mental disorders, grief, addiction, and anxiety.
30Consulting Psychologist$83,000
Consulting Psychologists assist management and administration within a business to better their practices. They might also be consulted in medical or legal cases.
31Director of Human Capital$83,000
A Director of Human Capital works with employees to determine how important a staff member is to a company based on assets and help management decide who is necessary in the company and should be valued and invested in to grow the company further.
32Occupational Psychologist$82,000
This area of psychology has to do with the assessment and success of a company and the employees within that company. Occupational Psychologists work to improve performance and efficiency in the staff by teaching time management, dealing with ergonomic needs and advising and training personnel.
33Research Scientist$82,000
Research Scientists work in a number of fields as biologists, environmental scientists, medical scientists, political scientists, or computer scientists and make hypothesis to determine results or tests and research criteria that give information relevant to their field of study.
34Military Psychologist$81,000
A military psychologist works with military personnel to help them to cope with various mental and emotional challegnes. They frequently work with service members who either are on deployment or recently returned from deployment.
Neuropsychologists determine the relationship between the brain and behavior, and can find work in the field of academics, research, or as a clinical practitioner.
36Art Therapist$81,000
Art Therapists work with patients to help guide them to a more positive role of self-esteem and mental health through art. Sculpting clay, painting, sketching, and creating contributes to the well-being of clients and helps them relax.
37Management Consultant$81,000
Management Consultants work within organizations and business to help management find fixes for internal problems. Some consultants work as freelancers while others may be hired into a specific office for a certain length of time with jobs lasting anywhere from a week to a year.
38Personnel Research Psychologist$81,000
Personnel Research Psychologists are different from other fields of psychology in that they observe and conduct experiments to understand behaviors in the workplace, and what determines those behaviors among personnel. They can assist businesses in restructuring staff and better understanding what kind of workers would best represent a business.
39Terrorism Psychologist$80,000
A terrorism psychologist studies why people become terrorists, and helps to provide a psychological profile of a terrorist. This is of great help during law enforcement investigations.
40Clinical Outpatient Therapist$79,000
A Clinical Outpatient Therapist assists patients suffering from disorders of an emotional and behavioral level outside of a hospital setting.
41Design Psychologist$78,000
Design psychology concerns the environment in which people live and the relationship between that environment and what kind of behavioral affects it has on inhabitants. The aim is to create a positive emotional response through designing the environment to better suit the patient’s needs.
42Leadership Psychologist$77,000
A leadership psychologist studies the principles and facets of leadership, and works with people to improve their leadership skills in whatever field in which they work.
43Spiritual Psychologist$77,000
A spiritual psychologist blends spiritulaity and science. This professional uses elements of traditional psychology and spirituality to help you to feel more content about your life.
44Private Consultant$77,000
A Private Consultant is a professional with a large knowledge base in a particular field of work. This can be in the medical field, world of forensics, business, finance, and a number of other areas. This is a privately based career, which means that the consultant doesn’t work for any particular company and operates at a more discreet level.
45Customer Relations Director$76,000
Customer Relations Directors supervise the client and company interactions, and are hired by a number of different business types to oversee training and monitor employee and customer behavior.
46Organizational Effectiveness Director$76,000
In the role of Organizational Effectiveness Director the responsibilities can be broad within the field of leadership and organizational methodologies. Directors are in charge or ensuring proper execution of human resources programs, identifying employee performance problem areas and addressing them through training programs, as well as assisting with the development of successful business strategies.
47Forensic Psychologist$74,000
This type of psychologist focuses on the interrelationship of the law and psychology. This professional will often work on the psychological aspects of criminal cases.
48Group Home Coordinator$73,000
A Group Home Coordinator works to keep standards of quality high for residents in homes that meet specific standards of group home status. They work closely with residents to provide high quality results in response to special needs, as well as identifying interests and creating activities.
49Organizational Consultant$73,000
Organizational Consultants use psychology to help corporations run much more streamlined operations. They interview potential employers analyze data, evaluate staff, and advise management on changes that need to be made.
50Prison Psychologist$72,000
A prison psychologist works with people who have been incarcerated, to help them to work through their various psychological problems, anger issues and problems with substances.
51Organizational Development Consultant$72,000
Organizational Development Consultants are hired to assist businesses in determining issues within the company and how to rectify them efficiently and quickly and maximize potential.
52Organizational Development Manager$72,000
Organizational Development Managers oversee the management of talent, annual reviews, employee development, and performance in the workplace.
53Principal Psychologist$72,000
A Principal Psychologist is an expert within their field of psychology working through cognitive, emotional and behavioral studies to provide assistance in therapy and consulting.
54Personnel Research Scientist$71,000
A Personnel Research scientist uses scientific methods and systematic activity to acquire data relating to the personnel within a company.
55Expert Witness$70,000
An Expert Witness gives testimony in a court of law by utilizing experience and expertise in a certain field of study. An example of this could be in a case relating to the mental health of the accused, in which case somebody with experience in psychology could qualify to testify.
56Licensed Clinical Psychologist$70,000
Licensed Clinical Psychologists diagnose mental disorders and treat issues like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Unlike psychiatrists, psychologists don’t prescribe medications, but use psychotherapy.
57Program Evaluation Consultant$70,000
Program Evaluation Consultants review programming within educational, government, and residential care facilities and analyze strengths within the programs. They also recommend methods for improvement. Many program evaluators are self-employed and work as contract consultants.
58Public Policy Expert$70,000
A Public Policy Expert influences changes in public policy at a local, state, or international level, and makes decisions regarding those changes.
59Behavioral Psychologist $69,000
A behaviorial psychologist is a professional who works with patients who have behavior problems that they cannot solve on their own. Many in this field work extensively with children.
60Child Psychologist$69,000
A child psychologist works with children to help them to work through psychological and emotional issues that they have.
61Clinical Psychologist$69,000
Clinical psychologists asses, diagnose and treate many types of mental, behavioral and emotional disorders. A clinical psychologist can help people work through problems that are either short term or chronic.
62Pediatric Psychologist$69,000
A pediatric psychologist works with children to help them with various emotional and psychological issues.
63Human Performance Consultant$69,000
Human Performance Consultants apply psychology to the workplace in positions of administration, sales, marketing and HR. From employee testing to training and development, these workers cover a variety of tasks within the workplace to assist in policy planning and work productivity improvement.
64Sports Research Specialist$69,000
Sports Research Specialists can work in the marketing industry or through a journalism position within businesses that manage sports teams or events, or who are invested in teams or events. They work under a project manager and perform research and data collecting duties to achieve the necessary data to bring in a steady line or revenue and opportunity.
65Psychometric Psychologist$68,000
A psychometrician is a professional who practices the science of measurement, particularly related to the measuring of a person’s psychological attributes.
66Transformational Coach$68,000
A transformational coach specializes in increasing a client’s effectiveness, personal development and growth in life and in work.
67Educational Psychologist$67,000
This type of psychologist studies how people learn and go through the entire educational process.
68Mental Health Psychologist$67,000
A mental health psychologist provides psychological services to individuals and families that are coping with various mental and emotional problems.
69Transpersonal Psychologist$67,000
A transpersonal psychologist is a professional that is centered on the spiritual aspects of human life. This field uses psychological methods and theories to examine spiritual subject matter.
70Personnel Worker/administrator$67,000
Professionals working as a Personnel Worker/Administrator are in charge of human resources duties such as recruitment, hiring and training of staff, as well as handling currently working staff and keeping them focused as a team. Performance reviews, and managing policies and regulations are also performed within this profession.
71Psychiatric Examiner$67,000
Psychiatric Examiners are not the same as practicing psychiatrists in that it is actually a field of psychology and acts similarly to that of a consultant. This position requires candidates to examine patients who are referred to be considered for civil management due to aggression, sexual deviancy, or other forensic issues.
72University Team Coach$67,000
University Team Coaches work with sports teams at universities to help them train and prepare for competitive matches with other University teams.
73Gender Studies Psychologist$66,000
A gender studies psychologist examines the different gender roles that different sexes have and how that affects their psychological make up.
74 Private Practice Counselor$66,000
A private practice counselor provides psychological counseling services to many types of families and individuals, from young to elderly people.
75Human Resources Consultant$66,000
A Human Resources Consultant works as a liaison between management and employees and examines openings within the business or organization as well as the skills and requirements for that position so that they may fill it with applicants that have suitable education and training.
76Logistics Director$66,000
Logistics Directors streamline processes that process materials and ship finished products to distributors, they hire, manage, and supervise employees, delivery personnel, and stockroom workers for companies.
77Marketing Researcher$66,000
Market Researchers work within organizations and businesses to help management understand what consumers think and want through research and data collection.
78Cognitive Psychologist$65,000
A cognitive psychologist studies how his or her patients think, remember, decide and perceive things. Some of these professionals may work with actual patients, and others may conduct research.
79Developmental Psychologist$65,000
A developmental psychologist is a professional who researches how humand develop across the entire lifespan. Some developmentall psychologists specialize in one particular time period of development.
80Organizational Psychologist $65,000
An organizational psychologist usually works with corporations or businesses and helps people in the organization to become more organized. Some in this field also may work with private individuals who need to be better organized at home.
81Experimental Psychologist$65,000
An experimental psychologist uses scientific methods to research the mind and the behavior of patients. This type of psychology is more of a methodology rather than one specific area of the field.
82Management Psychologist$65,000
Management psychologists work with businesses to maintain a high-quality work environment. Duties include talking with employees to help them with any problems, screening applicants and training new hires.
83Substance Abuse Psychologist$64,000
A subsance abuse psychologist works with people who have substance abuse problems. They provide them with mental strategies to overcome their addiction so they can live a drug free life.
84Traffic Psychologist$64,000
A Traffic Psychologist studies the behavior of drivers on the road and the relationship that they have with their vehicles and the routes that they take, as well as the relationship between different drivers as they interact.
85General Psychologist $63,000
A general psychologist studies emotional, cognitive and social processes, as well as human behavior, by observing and working with people to see how they relate to each other.
86Trauma Psychologist$63,000
A trauma psychologist works with patients who have suffered particularly harsh types of trauma in their lives. The most frequent patient for this type of psychologist is a person suffering from post traumatic stress, most often due to military deployment.
87Community Relations Officer$63,000
Communication is the key component to success as a Community Relations Officer. Utilizing media, activities and events the CRO will focus on designing a positive reflection of the organization they represent on the community they live within.
88Organizational Research Consultant$63,000
Organizational Research Consultants work with administration and management to improve marketing and sales. They may plan policies, screen and train employees, and analyze the workplace to develop better organizational efforts. These efforts are put in place to improve productivity and streamline business.
89Veterans Advisor$63,000
A Veterans Advisor works with veterans to help in determining pension benefits, government paperwork, medical coverage, and other financial issues.
90Health Psychologist$62,000
This type of psychologist focuses on how psychology, biology, social groups, and behavior influence wellness, illness, and overall health.
91Social Psychologist$62,000
A social psychologist investigates the behavior of groups including how people behave in groups and how being in the presence of others influences individual behavior.
92Family Counselor$62,000
A marriage or family therapist, also known as a Family Counselor, works closely with families to resolve emotional conflicts and promote communication. Areas of concern that are addressed in this field are divorce, money problems, substance abuse, as well as many other attitude and behavioral problems.
93Park and Recreation Director$62,000
Park and Recreation Directors manage recreation programs in park and community settings. They serve as advisers to local government and park commissions to help manage the budget and perform other responsibilities.
94Community Psychologist$61,000
A community psychologist does research on community health issues and educates the public to avoid public health problems in the future.
95Counseling Psychologist $61,000
A counseling psychologist provides psychotherapy services to people who are dealing with mental and emotional problems.
96Assessment Services Manager$61,000
There are different assessment service levels; some that work with children in the school system, others that work with patients within hospitals, and still more that work within the business industry. An assessment services manager manages a team of personnel that work to assess behavioral and mental problems in students and patients, or assess management and organizational tactics in the workplace.
97Executive Coach$61,000
Executive coaches work closely with companies to increase the effectiveness and successes of staff through motivation and counseling.
98Occupational Analyst$61,000
Occupational Analysts provide methods of improvement for organizations and businesses to help reduce costs and increase income potential. They organize and gather information on issues throughout the company and interview staff to decide what equipment or alterations to policy might be needed to maximize potential within the company.
99School Psychologist $60,000
A school psychologist works with children, parents and administrators to help them deal with a child’s emotional and mental health, especially as it relates to school performance.
100Policy Officer$60,000
The position of Policy Officer is a broad field of work, but describes somebody who creates policies for an organization. They review and update policies already in place, and make sure that policies are taken into consideration during practice.
101Technical Writer$60,000
Technical Writers compose documents like instructions for assembly, online guides, and technical report; they also choose a specific field of study like medical writing.
102Child Development Psychologist$58,000
A child developmental psychologist works with children to determine how to help those children who have issues in their mental and emotional development. Some of these psychologists may work with children to help them with their issues, while others may conduct research in the field.
103Psychology Researcher$58,000
A psychology researcher conducts detailed research into many types of psychological issues and problems that families and individuals may suffer from.
104HR Generalist$58,000
An HR Generalist works with businesses to ensure that the highest level of talent is being hired to suit the positions within that company. Employee hiring, training and interviewing are all part of this job in combination with managing employee relations.
105Organizational Development Specialist$58,000
An Organizational Development Specialist uses psychology principles as well as knowledge in the field of psychology and marketing to provide companies with policy planning, training and development of employees and employee testing.
106Suicide Counselor$57,000
A suicide counselor helps a person who has tried to end their life to recover and to get back to a normal life. These professionals also may work with family members of someone who committed suicide or tried to commit suicide.
107Career Counselor$57,000
Career Counselors help people decide what career or education program to work towards.
108Employee Counselor and Trainer$57,000
Employee Counselor and Trainers help employees to be more productive, effective, and loyal
109Program Manager$57,000
Program Managers oversee and modify objectives in reference to endeavors within the technical or business fields. They work by organizing and streamlining projects or programs within a particular industry.
110Psychological Clinician$57,000
A Psychological Clinician works with patients to understand and assist in the treatment of behavioral and emotional problems, as well as physical symptoms that are sometimes brought on by these issues.
111Consumer Psychologist$56,000
A consumer psychologist studies what motivates the spending patterns of consumers, and provides recommendations to businesses to attract more customers.
112Director of Alumni Relations$56,000
As the Director of Alumni Relations, responsibility includes project and program research, and acting as a point of contact between current students and alumni, as well as the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Making phone calls, writing e-mails, sending thank you letters and planning events are all activities that will fall under this career path.
113Mental Health Evaluator$56,000
Acting as a liaison between doctors, nurses, patients, and discharge planners in regards to admitting and discharging mental health patients are the main duties of a Mental Health Coordinator. These nurses are trained to assess patients who come into a healthcare facility and make sure that their illness fits the admission criteria necessary for admittance.
114Professional Team Coach$56,000
As Professional Team Coaches, duties include coaching professionals in a business office setting to instill required skills for particular positions within the company. They may also assist individuals within the group with interview preparation and job application.
115Marriage and Family Counselor$55,000
Marriage and family counselors help people to overcome their mental and emotional problems, as they relate to family and relationship.
116Mental Disorders Consultant$54,000
A Mental Disorders Consultant determines the best care for mental health patients and works closely with medical professionals and community providers. They cover many areas of expertise including quality assurance and assistance in determining intervention and treatment strategies.
117Policy Advisor$54,000
Policy Advisors use analysis and research tactics to advise schools, administrators, government, and lawmakers on how to make better policies within their field. They utilize knowledge and experience in political and legal issues to design influential strategies for policy making in different organizations.
118Trial Consultant$54,000
Trial Consultants work to recreate courtrooms and juries to represent their skills in the courtroom and how they can affect a trial. Through research and behavior assessment they can help to make breakthroughs in difficult trials.
119Director of Fund Raising$53,000
A Director of Fund Raising must provide active leadership and planning in the role of finding funds through different activities that might attract money.
120Media Buyer$53,000
A Media Buyer purchases marketing space in the form of outdoor billboards, print advertising and broadcasted media. These forms of advertising can be processed through radio stations, magazines, newspapers, and television stations.
121Medical Error Psychologist$53,000
Medical Error Psychologists review errors made by medical personnel and determine what caused the problem that has occurred. These professionals may give consultation on how issues can be fixed and assist staff in how to understand the relevance of their mistakes.
122White House Psychologist$53,000
A White House Psychologist offers psychological assistance to mental health patients through diagnosing and treating them with a variety of therapeutic methods.
123Applied Psychologist$52,000
An applied psychologist uses psychological principles and theories to teach clients to overcome problems in real life situations.
124Human Resource Specialist$52,000
Human Resource Specialists are responsible for the hiring of employees, placement of worker, employee relations and dismissal of employees.
125Behavior Health Psychiatric Nurse$52,000
Nurses who work in the field of Behavior Health Psychiatry assist through evaluation and treatments that alter behaviors that might be causing chronic conditions or influencing addictions.
126Day Care Center Supervisor$52,000
A Day Care Center Supervisor is responsible for the day to day management and operations of a day care center and works closely with staff, families and children.
127Mental Retardation Unit Manager$52,000
A Mental Retardation Unit Manager is a nurse in a management position who is given the job of overseeing a particular unit in a hospital or healthcare facility that includes those with mental disabilities. Changes within policy and how they are communicated to staff is one job fulfilled by this role, but unit managers also evaluate and discipline nursing staff.
128Psychologist Supervisor$52,000
Psychologist Supervisors work under a Director of Psychology and organize and distribute psychological programs in order to assist in the treatment of mental health disorders. They may also train employees and evaluate their efforts.
129Social Service Director$52,000
A Social Service Director works within organizations that offer social services and develops strategies, budgets, and handles staff concerns and training.
130Substance Abuse Social Worker$52,000
A Substance Abuse Social Worker helps people who suffer from addiction to overcome that addiction through education and treatment methods.
131Social Worker$51,000
Social Workers help people and families improve their lives by giving them the tools and advice to overcome financial, family, or health related issues.
132Special Education Teacher$51,000
Special Education Teachers teach those who suffer from learning, physical or emotional diabilities. The teach general education subjects that are specially adapted for those students.
133Behavioral Therapist$51,000
Behavioral Therapists are also recognized as cognitive-behavioral therapists and assist patients who are suffering from behavioral disorders like anxiety or depression.
134Court Consultant$51,000
A Court Consultant is a form of psychiatric consultation that assists in the structure of services used to promote social responsibility fulfillment within the court system. Judges, juries, and lawyers may confer with a Court Consultant on a case or subject matter within the case for a more sound and community conscious decision.
135Marketing Representative$51,000
Meeting and presenting marketing and advertising ideas to clients and following up with new and existing clients are roles in this position that must be carefully completed. Organizing and attending sales meetings, generating sales data reports, and business documents are also an important part of this job.
136Rehabilitation Advisor$51,000
Rehabilitation Advisors assess patients with problems including mental, substance abuse, or emotional, and treat individuals through intervention, group therapy, education, prevention management, and case management.
137Child Protection Specialist$50,000
A Child Protection Specialist investigates suspicion of abuse and neglect on children reported by sources to law enforcement or child protection agencies. They can make suggestions on how to handle these cases and are expected to assess risk factors involved in each case.
138Family Service Worker$50,000
Family Service Workers assist families with problems that arise in the workplace, school, or at home.
139Instructional Systems Design Consultant$50,000
This position works closely with instructional systems designers to assist and manage the development and distribution of instructional material for training and courses that support technical products within a company. They supervise analysis projects within this field and evaluate workers capabilities.
140Public Information Officer$50,000
Public Information Officers act as a liaison for companies and clients as well as the media. They research client needs and relay them to management, and answer questions and issue press releases for publicity purposes.
141Sports Psychology Professor$50,000
Sports Psychology Professors teach students sports psychology and other relevant points of education in order to pursue a career in that field. They may hold hours outside of class time to help students who are having trouble understanding course material and lectures.
142Theoretical Psychologist$49,000
A theoretical psychologist deals with psychological theories that are measured through evaluation and experimentation. This allows the professional to deduce if a certain theory is logical in different situations.
143Case Worker$48,000
Case Workers are a specific kind of social worker that assists patients in tough situations like abuse, disability, mental illness, or poverty. They assist children and elderly citizens by providing social service support.
144Highway Safety Analyst$48,000
Research and inspection are important factors in being a successful Highway Safety Analyst; they conduct their research to ensure safety standards and government regulations are met by construction crews.
145Army Psychologist$46,000
An Army psychologist is a psychological professional who works in part of the Army. He or she will most commonly work with people in the Army who have mental and emotional issues.
146Business Psychologist$46,000
A business psychologist studies how psychology of people can affect business processes, systems and individuals.
147Vocational Psychologist$45,000
A vocational psychologist works with patients to determine which are the best possible careers for them, and also to help them to work through any work related problems they are having.
148School Counselor$45,000
A school counselor helps students prepare for their academic future by helping map a course of study.
149Police Probation Officer$45,000
A police officer or probation officer works to enforce laws, responds to emergencies, conducts traffic stops, and also prepares cases and testifies in court.
150Army Reserve Clinical Psychologist$45,000
Research and patient outreach are jobs completed by an Army Reserve Clinical Psychologist. These professionals work with army soldiers and their families to battle mental health disorders.
151Certified Addiction Counselor$45,000
A Certified Addiction Counselor assists patients in working through an addiction and learning the tools necessary to carry on and start over without their vice.
152Guidance Counselor$45,000
A Guidance Counselor works with students on issues of a social, psychological and academic nature. Anything from suffering grades to a poor environment at home may be subjects that are covered in the office. Individuals in this position will also work with teachers and parents to better the chances of students within the school system.
153University Provost$45,000
University Provosts supervise and direct research and curriculum within a post secondary institution. They organize budgets, make tenure decisions, and manage policy within the academic world. They also manage staff recruitment and academic programming.
154Rehabilitation Counselor$44,000
Rehabilitation Counselors work with mentally or physically disabled patients so that they can live lives with normalcy. They may assist them through the application process for jobs or school or other areas of the lives.
155Veterans Counselor$44,000
A veteran’s counselor works with veteran’s who have had mental and emotional problems during their serivce.
156Forensic Psychology Professor$44,000
A Forensic Psychology Professor teaches and instructs students during discussions and lesson plans. They create and mark papers, tests, and exams, as well as publish personal research findings in scholarly journals and supervise students in dissertation research.
157Jury Consultant$44,000
A Jury Consultant helps prepare witnesses and completes research in order to make an informed jury selection. They are usually called upon if there is a concern that certain jurors may view a case with favor or distaste at a level of bias.
158Probation Officer$44,000
A Probation Officer is a member of the law enforcement workplace and works with people serving probation. Communication, monitoring whereabouts, enforcing court deadlines are all part of the job.
159Sales Representative$44,000
A Sales Representative works within a company or organization to offer products or services to the consumer public.
160Psychological Technician$43,000
Psychology technicians hep research psychologists do research and experiments in hospitals, universities and private research labs.
161Multi-Cultural Counselor$43,000
A multi-cultural counselor works with people and groups to improve ethnic and racial empathy, as well as understanding.
162Substance Abuse Counselor$43,000
Substance Abuse Counselors work with patients who suffer from addiction to a number of substances including drugs, alcohol and gambling. They offer support through rehabilitation programs and provide specialized techniques to help them battle their addiction.
163Employee Relations$43,000
Working through the human resources department as an Employee Relations professional helps to ensure that staff has the appropriate benefits and working environment to suit their needs. This may mean negotiating wages, benefits, and pensions, as well as dealing with complaints in the workplace.
164Judicial Services Coordinator$43,000
A Judicial Services Coordinator promotes efficiency within the court system and eradicates delays by completing administrative tasks, maintaining records, minutes, judgment information and publishing court calendars.
165Juvenile Probation Officer$43,000
Juvenile Probation Officers are usually designated to a particular task within the institution that they work. They may focus on supervision, intake, or investigation, among other tasks.
166Mental Health Counselor$42,000
A mental health counselor provides psychological services to individuals and families that are coping with various mental and emotional problems.
167Child Custody Worker$42,000
A Child Custody Worker works with families going through divorce and trying to determine custody of the children in the household. They assist in keeping the interaction civil and on topic rather than resorting to negative interactions.
168College Admissions Counselor$42,000
College Admissions Counselors work closely with college applicants or potential applicants to assist with the process and the decision making involved. They may assist with finances, grade requirement information, as well as enrollment.
169High School Teacher$42,000
A High School Teacher is an educator who works with children in their mid to late teen years in a high school setting. Most high school teachers work with one subject at a time, such as math, English, or physics.
170Job Analyst$42,000
Job Analysts work within the HR department of organizations or companies and research occupations and jobs to focus on classification systems within that field. They focus on the industry and occupational trends as well as on worker relationships. Job Analysts provide management with feedback regarding employee descriptions so that recruitment offices know what to look for in applicants.
171Correctional Field Officer$41,000
The primary duty of a correctional field officer is to maintain order in a detention facility. This involves learning any and all rules of the facility in which they work and enforcing those regulations to be certain that inmates act in an orderly way. Enforcement procedures include arbitrating disputes between inmates, performing disciplinary action and performing inspections.
172Employment Counselor$41,000
Employment Counselors help clients understand their relevant skills in the workplace and what abilities and interests will work well with specific job types.
173Port Police Officer$41,000
A Port Police Officer is an officer of the law who enforces regulations both federally and in states. This particular branch of authority works within a port, such as Los Angeles, and usually travels by boat to keep watch over other activity within the water.
174Social Service Counselor$41,000
A Social Service Counselor monitors medication, case management, and assists Social Workers. Sometimes counselors in this field transport patients to appointments and perform crisis intervention if necessary.
175Child Care Worker$40,000
A child care worker cares for children while parents or guardians are working or otherwise busy. They plan daily activities, feed, soothe, clean and care for children in a number of other ways.
176Customer Service Trainer$40,000
Customer Service Trainers focus on training new employees in company policies, sales tactics, and other skills, or training existing employees in updated skill sets.
177Diversity Manager$40,000
A Diversity Manager is hired to help ensure that staff and students within an organization are not discriminated against by age, race, gender, socioeconomic standing, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity.
178Juvenile Justice Detention Officer$40,000
Juvenile Justice Detention Officers guard and oversee charged youth in detention facilities. They escort inmates, maintain order in the facility and observe behavior throughout daily activities.
179State Agency Counselor$39,000
A state agency counselor works for a state government agency in counseling and psychological services.
180Victims’ Advocate$39,000
A victim’s advocate is a type of psychological counselor that works with people who have been victimized by a tragic event in their lives. They provide emotional support and counseling, and also help them to navigate effectively through the social services system.
181College Admissions Recruiter$39,000
College Admissions Recruiters move around from college to college and screen potential candidates, as well as visiting high schools to recruit interested students. Sometimes there are job offers made, which Is why recruiters are encouraged to learn all that they can about the business that they’re working out of.
182Congressional Aide$39,000
Congressional Aides are hired to assist people in congress by researching legislation, sending emails, organizing schedules, and answering the telephone.
183Director of Volunteer Services$39,000
Responsibilities in this career field involve recruitment and management of volunteer groups including training, communication, scheduling.
184Spiritual Counselor$37,000
A spiritual counselor blends spiritulaity and science. This professional uses elements of traditional psychology and spirituality to help you to feel more content about your life.
185Adolescent Counselor$36,000
Adolescent counselors work with children who have mental health problems, trauma or school issues, or who suffer from addiction.
186Community Recreation Worker$35,000
Community Recreation Workers organize events and activities enjoyed by people throughout the community. This can mean organizing events like aerobics classes or day camps for children.
187Statistical Assistant$34,000
Statistical Assistants research and gather statistics and summarize their findings so that they can create and file reports and maintain information within a database. Sometimes a Statistical Assistant will supervise surveys or focus groups during marketing research.
188Legal Psychologist$33,000
Legal psychologists work with empirical, psychological research of the law and people who come in contact with the law. These professionals often work in jury decision making, eyewitness memory, and legal investigations.
189Aba Therapist$33,000
An Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist studies the way that different environments influence behavior. Within this field, therapists work closely with developmentally disabled children and adults to help reinforce positive learning of behaviors.
190Recreation Worker$32,000
Recreation Workers provide and lead outdoor recreation, sports and creative activities for groups of people.
191Hospital Patient Service Representative$32,000
The duties of a Hospital Patient Services Representative are very similar to customer service, but in a medical setting. As a front desk agent written and verbal correspondence, payment collection, the maintenance of patient charts, scheduling, and ensuring that patients are satisfied with their visit.
192Human Service Worker$31,000
A human service worker is a type of social worker who helps people to solve and to deal with problems in their lives.
193Claims Specialist$31,000
A Claims Specialist reviews claims made at an insurance level and submits them to the correct department for filing. They may also work closely with adjusters on claims that are out of the ordinary.
194Air Force Recruiter$30,000
The Air Force Recruiter is a human resources role within the U.S. military and includes such duties as meeting potential recruits and presenting information to families and organizations regarding the U.S. Air Force.
195Certified School Psychologist$30,000
Certified School Psychologists work with kids who are having development, academic, or social problems within the school system or at home. They also work with families and the school faculty to help children build a more positive life.
196Engineering Psychologist$30,000
An Engineering Psychologist may help in the design of products, as well as in reaching or research related to engineering.
197Addictions Psychologist $28,000
An addictions psychologist studies the cognitive, social and emotional processes that drive a person’s addictions.
198Insurance Agent$28,000
An Insurance Agent is the point of contact of consumers for an insurance company. He may give advice on which policy best suits the lifestyle and financial standings of the client and specializes in fields like property, auto, life, and health.
199Newspaper Reporter$28,000
Newspaper Reporters gather factual information from the world around them regarding important events of multimedia stories and reports it through a published paper.
200Residential Youth Counselor$28,000
Residential Youth Counselors work closely with children and adolescents with developmental issues and behavioral problems. They supervise and design programs to support social interaction, and work one on one with students through therapeutic measures.
201Airline Reservations Clerk$27,000
Airline Reservations Clerks, also referred to as ticket agents, are responsible for printing boarding passes, arranging seat reservations, and preparing luggage for travelers. This is also a huge area of customer service within the travel industry.
202Affirmative Action Officer$26,000
An Affirmative Action Officer evaluates compliance with diversity laws and policies within schools and businesses and creates new opportunities for equality within those organizations for people of all race, gender, sexuality, ability, and age.
203Psychological Associate$26,000
A Psychological Associate doesn’t have the same education level or responsibilities as a practicing psychologist due to requirements within the field of psychology. For this reason many Associates in this field find themselves working with the elderly or physically and mentally disabled in positions of care.
204Behavior Analyst$24,000
A Behavior Analyst works with both adults and children to help achieve improvement at school or work. They assist patients with overcoming disabilities and use conditioning and reinforcement therapy.
205Warehouse Manager$24,000
A Warehouse Manager supervises tasks within a warehouse; this covers receiving, handling, distribution, and shipping, as well as training employees and updating policies and regulations.
206Staffing Consultant$23,000
Staffing Consultants use knowledge in the field of business and staffing to focus on hiring within organizations. They usually pull from a researched pool of applicants that are found through online job ads, career fairs, or received resumes to make hiring decisions with the management of HR departments.
207Counselor Aide$22,000
Counselor Aides are in charge of providing administrative assistance, as well as organizing, and developing programs for the counselor in charge to help families in an effort to improve human relationships and treat social behavioral problems.
208Psychology Professor$22,000
A Psychology Professor mediates discussion, designs and grades papers and tests, and designs lesson plans to instruct students in the field of psychology.
209Executive Coaching Psychologist$19,000
An executive coaching psychologist is focused on helping executives become more successful professionals in their businesses.
210Media Psychologist $19,000
A media psychologist studies and analyzes how the media – TV, print and Internet mostly – affect our lives and society.
211Video Game Researcher$17,000
Video Game Researchers test the market place to determine need for quality and subject of game material. They may also perform research tasks to find the latest technology and design tactics.
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