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3900 Bethel Dr, Saint Paul, MN 55112
Bethel University currently offers a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology. This will teach you to offer counseling in various settings, including community, health care settings and schools for example. Additionally, the program is designed to help you on your path towards a doctoral study in psychology should you choose to follow this path. The school uses Christian teachings and focuses on applying faith to counseling practices. The focus is strongly on helping you to develop your own Christian mind, and how this faith can assist in terms of developing greater mental well-being. The degree is accredited and will allow you to be licensed as an LPC in Minnesota. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Counseling PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Psychology - Behavioral NeuroscienceMaster'sCampus
Masters of Psychology - Cognitive NeuroscienceMaster'sCampus
Masters of Psychology - Developmental PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Psychology - Quantitative PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Psychology - Social PsychologyMaster'sCampus
225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55402-3389

Capella University provides an online Master's program in Psychology created especially to promote critical thinking within the field of psychology in relation to reasoning and coping strategies. A basic outline of the general principles of psychology, including research methodologies, theoretical and practical work allows students to choose a specialty in health psychology, family psychology, or an alternative psychological area of expertise that also involves business, academics, or human services. Many graduates of Capella go on to work in fields such as those of behavioral health specialists, mental health workers, clinical specialists, and multiple others in a variety of government and public settings.

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Master of Science in Psychology - Master of Science in Addiction Counseling - Master of Science in Marriage and Family Counseling/TherapyMaster'sOnline
Masters in General PsychologyMaster'sCampus
South Rd and Ellis Ave, Mankato, MN 56001
Minnesota State University at Mankato offers a clinical psychology program on a Masters of Arts level. This study is designed for those who wish to continue on to a doctoral study, and uses both academic and applied training. It also includes taking part in a practicum off campus, which much be completed in order to achieve the degree. The study is fascinating for those who want to work as a clinician and require strong interpersonal skills, as well as those who want to work in the field of research and require strong systematic procedure skills. It is able to integrate the two in one course. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Clinical PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Arts in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
720 Fourth Ave. South, Saint Cloud, MN 56301-4498
Saint Cloud State University's Industrial-Organizational Psychology Master's Degree Program provides students with the information and mental tools necessary for a career in business, government or the area of consultation. Students are also encouraged to continue their academics, and are trained in theoretical and applicable knowledge in their field of study. Graduates are trained in Industrial-Organizational (IO) psychology to the level required by the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and are given a firm substructure in data, psychometric, and management disciplines. A thesis, experience in a practicum environment, and the required class time are all necessary to succeed in this program, and completion should take 4 full-term semesters to obtain. [full profile]
Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Master of Arts Research and Experimental PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Science Clinical PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Masters of Science Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
700 Terrace Heights, Winona, MN 55987-1399
At Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, you can study for a Master of Arts in Counseling & Psychology. The course is designed for those who want to become registered on the LPC or LPCC and is delivered in such a way that those who already have employment can attend the classes, which are held in the evening or on weekends. The focus of the degree is strongly on developing a greater understanding of people and their relationships, as well as using this information to help individuals gain that same understanding, thereby greatly improving their own life, happiness, well-being and social relationships. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Counseling & Psychological ServicesMaster'sCampus
Masters in Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Doctorate in Industrial/Organizational PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
100 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455-0213
The University of Minnesota currently offers eight different specializations when it comes to psychology graduate programs. Some of these include clinical and counseling psychology and quantitative modeling of individual differences, to name but a few. Additionally, they offer two different Ph.D. programs, being in counseling psychology and in clinical psychology. The broad spectrum of these courses is available because psychology is such a broad field. Hence, although you will be provided with the same core of knowledge regardless of the specialization you choose, you will also go more in-depth in a specific part of psychology. The university also has a strong commitment to diversity. [full profile]
Ph.D. in Clinical PsychologyPhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Arts Educational PsychologyMaster'sCampus
2115 Summit Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105-1078
The University of St. Thomas graduate school of psychology currently offers two pathways towards psychology degrees. The first is the MA in Psychology, and the second is the Psy.D. in counseling psychology. The focus is strongly on employing ethical practice within the scientific discipline of psychology. To achieve this, they offer a supportive environment to you as a student, in which you are encouraged to reach your full academic potential. The university is catholic, but their focus is less on faith and more on community service. It is for this reason that they also offer their students numerous volunteering opportunities. [full profile]
Master of Arts (Master of Arts) in PsychologyMaster'sCampus
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)PhD/DoctorateCampus
Master of Science degree in general psychologyMaster'sCampus
100 Washington Avenue South, Suite 900, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Walden University offers a unique outlook on earning a Master of Science degree in Psychology through modernized online training. This program provides all of the same teachings of traditional courses while incorporating additional training exercises and distance learning capabilities into the degree. WU provides 12 specialized areas of interest which lay the foundations for a multitude of professions and future opportunities in psychology. Skills are created through in-depth research, hands on lab exercises, and a streamlined approach to the M.S. program which lets students complete their academic process in fifteen months. Certain specialties also provide the capability of adding credits from Master's programs into a doctoral degree.

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Masters in Psychology - Applied PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Child and Adolescent DevelopmentMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Crisis Management and ResponseMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Educational PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - General PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Health PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Leadership Development and CoachingMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Organizational PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Psychology of CultureMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Psychology - Public Administration - Social ChangeMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Social PsychologyMaster'sOnline
Masters in Psychology - Terrorism and SecurityMaster'sOnline
Master of ScienceMaster'sCampus
Clinical Mental Health CounselingMaster'sCampus
Post Master's Mental Health CounselingMaster'sCampus
Post Master's Child and Family CounselingMaster'sCampus

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