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The following is a list of Masters in Psychology programs throughout Hawaii.

Program Type Format
Chaminade University of Honolulu
3140 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816-1578
The Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Chaminade University of Honolulu guides graduate students through courses designed to prepare them for future work in careers with children, youth, families, community and schools. The MSCP program at Chaminade offers three possible areas of specialization including mental health, school, and family and marriage counseling. Before branching out, students are encouraged to develop a firm theoretical background in basic skills surrounding general counseling concepts. From here a practicum experience will extend the learning experience from the classroom to hands on training in a clinical setting. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in an undergraduate program. [full profile]
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Master's Campus
Masters of Public Health (MPH)/Masters in Applied Psychology (MA) Master's Campus
Hawaii Pacific University
1164 Bishop Street, Suite 800, Honolulu, HI 96813
Hawaii Pacific University supplies students with a Psychology department that recognizes the growing need in the industry for professionals trained in different levels of psychology. For this reason HPU offers psychology courses in the undergraduate level with the ability to minor in General Psychology or Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The BA degree consists of a 4 year plan which teaches students the importance of research and theory as it relates to both real life circumstances and lab work on campus. Students seeking higher levels of education can apply for a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, which is a 60 credit course that may lead to licensing within all states. [full profile]
Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's Campus
Masters in Experimental Psychology Master's Campus
Clinical Psychology Doctorate PhD/Doctorate Campus
University of Hawaii System Office
2444 Dole St, Honolulu, HI 96822-2301
The University of Hawaii System Office holds a number of Psychology classes throughout their many campuses. Hawaii plays home to campuses in Manoa, West O'ahu, Hilo, Hawai'i, Honolulu, Kapi'olani, Kaua'i, Leeward, Maui, and Windward, giving students from all over the state, the chance to partake in a wide variety of programs. Of these programs, Psychology is offered through Manoa with options to enroll in Master of Science (MS) in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology, and Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology; Hilo also offers a BA in Psychology. Information regarding all campuses can be found using the University of Hawaii System Office website, which brings all facilities together. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Psychology Master's Campus
Psychology Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) PhD/Doctorate Campus
Masters in Social Community Psychology Master's Campus
Masters in Autism Studies Master's Campus
Certificate in Behavioral Intervention in Autism Certificate Campus
Certificate in Diversity in the Workplace Certificate Campus
Certificate in Domestic Violence Prevention Certificate Campus
Certificate in Family Studies Certificate Campus

Psychology Education In Hawaii

If you want to become licensed as a psychologist in Hawaii, you will need to hold a degree in psychology that has been accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) or another approved institution. The degree must be in psychology directly, or in a very closely related field such as counseling psychology or educational psychology. Just as in the majority of other states, it must be a degree at doctorate level.

Hawaii has put these requirements in place because they understand the importance of delivering high quality mental health care. Looking after the minds of the people of Hawaii, either directly or by influencing treatment through education and research, is a lot of responsibility. As a result, prospective psychologists are expected to demonstrate that they are ready to shoulder this responsibility and meet the needs of their clients.

Educational Requirements to Become a Licensed Psychologist in Hawaii

The start of your education towards becoming a licensed psychologist in Hawaii is a four-year bachelor's degree. This will then be followed by a master's degree, which takes two years to complete. Once you have obtained this, you will need to choose between a Psy.D. and a Ph.D. and it is recommended to speak to a career adviser about this so that you can make the right choice.

Either degree is suitable to meet the requirements in state. However, the one you choose will, to a great extent, determine exactly what sort of job you will be able to do. Additionally, the time to complete the programs is very different. A Psy.D. can generally be completed in two years. It is a program that focuses mainly on direct patient contact, offering clinical care to help people to maintain or obtain better mental health. On the other hand, the Ph.D. is a research-based degree. This will usually take you at least four year to complete, mainly because you will need to produce and defend an original research thesis. Because it takes so much longer to complete, and because the thesis will contribute to the overall development of psychology, funding options and grands tend to be higher for Ph.D.s as well.

Supervised Professional Experience for Psychologists in Hawaii

Once you have completed your doctorate program, you will need to take part in 1,900 hours of supervised professional experience. You have one year to complete this. Additionally, it must be approved by the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division of the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Hawaii Psychologist Licensure Examinations

Once you have graduated from your Psy.D. or Ph.D. program and you have completed the supervised professional experience requirements, you will be ready to apply to take the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). This test is administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) and includes 225 multiple choice questions in the following core areas of psychology:

• Biological Bases of Behavior
• Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior
• Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior
• Growth and Lifespan Development
• Assessment and Diagnosis
• Treatment, Intervention, Prevention and Supervision
• Research Methods and Statistics
• Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues

A pass rate requires correct answers for at least 70% of the questions. The test currently costs $600. However, it is important to check this because it does change regularly.

The Career of a Psychologist in Hawaii

If you have completed a Psy.D., it is most likely that you will get to work in direct patient mental health care in locations such as hospitals and private clinics. If, on the other hand, you have completed a Ph.D., it is more likely that you will work in research or in giving lectures. As a result, the average salaries vary tremendously as well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some 770 psychologists currently work in the state as of May 2014. These are clinical, counseling and school psychologists, who earn an average of $87,620, which represents a growth of 12.8%. Job opportunities have grown by 9.1%.

The BLS has not yet made any divisions in the types of psychologists within the state, mainly because there are so very few of them at present. However, this may change in future, when it is likely that there will be a demand for industrial and organizational psychologists. Additionally, a growth of 12.8% is very significant and does show just how badly needed fully qualified psychologists are in Hawaii.

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