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Earning a master's degree in psychology is important because you have limited career options with only your bachelor's degree. If you want to practice as a school psychologist, licensed counselor or an industrial-organizational psychologist, for example, you will need to have your master's degree. You also need at least your master's degree if you want to practice as a clinical psychologist under a senior clinical psychologist with a doctorate. If you ever want to practice on your own, your master's degree will be a stepping stone to earning your doctoral degree.

Veranda Hillard-Charleston

Chief Editor: Veranda Hillard-Charleston

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Veranda received her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern State University of Louisiana. She has nearly five years of experience as a trained mental health professional. As a freelance writer, Veranda creates quality content for topics such as mental health, self-help, general health, fitness, and relationships. Off-line, Veranda conducts psychological assessments of children and adults in a private-practice setting.


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There are many directions in which you can go with a master's degree in psychology. One of the first things you need to think about with your potential program is what area you want to study. Some of the different types of Master's in Psychology degrees you can obtain include Clinical, Industrial / Organizational, Applied or Forensic to name a few. Our site features extensive information on over 400 schools with 935 Masters Degrees, 394 PhD/Doctorates Degrees, 43 Certificates with 246 Online study options.

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This comprehensive social community for psychology students is a fine planning tool for you as you begin to think about earning your master's, and as you look for more information about this rewarding career. We have worked to provide you with a massive amount of informational content about master's in psychology programs and the field in general, so you can make the most informed career choice. Search and compare 200+ Psychology Career choices along with detailed salary reports from Indeed.com, CareerBuilder, and SimplyHired

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As you are considering which university to attend, you should start to think about which specialization you want to pursue. There are many possible specializations to focus on, which will have a major influence on your career direction. Remember that different universities have different specializations available, so you will want to select your school with a specialization in mind. Easily compare 20+ various specializations available in Psychology.

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