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Organizational Psychology is a program in which you will develop a strong foundation in basic and applied research and gain an understanding of how you can apply it within your industry. Human resource management and organizational issues are areas where these psychological theories will be applied, as well as within business fields. You’ll become adept at leadership roles in team projects, and work with many hands on elements running tests and interpreting the results as they are employed to the performance and training of employees. Most Organizational Psychology degrees are combined with Industrial Psychology to create the knowledge necessary to pursue a Ph.D. in your field, or work within government, consulting, industry, or educational positions.

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#1 National University

MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The National University Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MSIOP) is offered entirely online, providing the flexibility and convenience today’s psychology graduate students are looking for. Incoming students need to show a 3.0 or higher GPA to be accepted. National offers a streamlined application process designed to consider the unique needs of military service members, veterans, and international students. All courses are eight weeks in length, allowing the program to be completed in just 16 months with the option of a non-clinical internship to round out the student experience.

#2 Capella University

MS in Psychology with an Industrial/Organizational Psychology Specialization

Students within the Psychology MS program at Capella University are given a strong foundation in critical thinking, coping strategies, and reasoning, as well as research methodologies and basic psychological principles. Throughout the curriculum, which requires 53 credit hours in total, you will choose a specific area of concentration and work within your chosen field such as family psychology or health psychology. With psychological insight combined with business, education, or a human services background you’ll gain a better understanding of the industrial and organizational psychology industry. Many students go on to work as educational faculty, assessment specialists, director of labor relations, or as an organizational consultant within college, government, military, or nonprofit organizations.


The tuition rate for the MS in Psychology program from Capella University with a specialization in Industrial and organizational psychology is $510 per credit (GuidedPath); $2,950 per 12-week billing cycle (FlexPath).

#3 Michigan State University

MS in Organizational Psychology

The Michigan State University MS in Organizational Psychology program is aimed toward students who are considering continuing their academic career into a Ph.D. in their field of study. Many of the graduates who leave this program go on to work in positions within an educational institution, government sectors, or as researchers within large companies. This program has been ranked first in its field for over ten years and owes some of its success to the well versed faculty and small student radio of fifteen to twenty per year. This is a five year program with an internship and dissertation by year four and five. Students within this program usually receive a stipend for work as a teaching assistant which provides $15,000 over a 9 month period.


The tuition for the MS in Organizational Psychology program within Michigan State University is $3,115.50 per five credits completed.

#4 Florida Atlantic University

MA in Psychology

The MA Program at Florida Atlantic University offers many areas of focus within their degree. From general-experimental to organizational, students learn an assortment of industry related skills and are expected to use them in the pursuit of a Ph.D. in their field. There is an acceptance rate of 95% for MA graduates entering the Ph.D. program. Throughout the MA program students will work closely with a faculty mentor and complete specified training exercises as well as projects over a 31 credit hour degree time. A Masters thesis is also required by the end of the program.


At a rate of $1,024.81 per credit hour, the 31 credit hours necessary for completion of the MA in Psychology degree tuition cost is $31,769.11.

#5 Brooklyn College

MA Degree Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Two different specializations, one in Group Processes and Organizational Behavior (previously Human Relations) and one in Personnel and Human Resources (previously Organizational Behavior), prepare students for entry-level positions in consulting firms that offer services in organization development areas or for comparable-level positions in the areas of personnel and human resources in organizations.  Applying students must hold a GPA of 3.0 or higher in an undergraduate course and upon enrollment must complete 30-36 credit hours plus a thesis essay.


Tuition at Brooklyn College is $385 per credit for residents, $710 per credit for nonresidential students.

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