11 Super Exciting Fields & Specializations in Psychology

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Earning a Master’s degree in Psychology can open up a wide range of career opportunities for students. When applying to a degree program, you may find that you have several specializations to choose from.

The following are 11 of the most exciting options in this diverse and intriguing field.

#1 Addictions

Students who want to help those with substance abuse problems will find that they can assist individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol, as well as their family members. Substance abuse counselors might work with individuals, families, groups, or as part of outreach programs. In a Master’s degree program with this specialization, you can expect to learn more about addictive behavior and the mental health disorders that can accompany it.

#2 Clinical Psychology

One of the most common specializations for psychology students is Clinical Psychology. This field looks into the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders. It prepares you to recognize the signs of mental illness and learn the tactics that can help with preventing their symptoms. Clinical psychologists might find work in universities, private practices, hospitals, or other clinical centers.

#3 Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Studying to become an industrial-organizational psychologist is one of the most lucrative career paths that a student can follow. These professionals are paid well, often earning 6 figures. In this field of study, you will learn more about workplace productivity and group behavior in the workplace. Psychologists in this field will help with a variety of tasks, including research, employee training, and even human resources.

#4 Forensic Psychology

There has been a boom in demand for forensic psychology programs due to the popularity of forensic television programs. A forensic psychologist helps law enforcement to profile criminals, assess mental stability, and help provide evidence in court. Students who follow this path of study may learn more about how to become family counselors, working with child custody cases. They may also assess mental competency and assess risk.

#5 Counseling Psychology

Those who wish to help others and have great communication skills may be drawn to the counseling psychology pathway. This area of psychology focuses on helping with family counseling, career advice, self-esteem issues, and resolving stress. Counselors work with individuals or groups to provide advice and help solve daily problems.

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#6 Child Development

Students who are fascinated with how the brain develops during childhood may wish to study child development. This field allows you to learn more about how children behave, learn, and grow.

#7 Behavioral Neuroscience

For the more scientifically-minded student, behavioral neuroscience is a good specialization. This takes an in-depth look at human behavior from a strictly biological vantage point. You may learn about neurotransmitters, brain circuitry, and experimental procedures. Most graduates of this specialization will go on to work in a laboratory setting.

#8 Experimental Psychology

Another specialization that focuses on research, students will learn how to design experiments using human participants to analyze the various aspects of psychology. Experiments might deal with everything from social psychology to motivation or the development of emotions, for example.

#9  Social Psychology

If you want to become a social worker, than a social psychology specialization is the right choice for you. This helps prepare students to work with a variety of clients in difficult circumstances. Social workers can provide psychological counseling, work with children, or treat individuals with substance abuse issues.

#10 Engineering Psychology

This field is of interest to budding psychologists who are also interested in how technology relates to human behavior. Engineering psychologists might help redesign equipment to be more user-friendly.

#11 Sports Psychology

If you have an interest in sports, this discipline could be a great fit. Sports psychologists help athletes improve their performance through motivational counseling, and also analyze how athletics relate to mental well-being.

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