17 Most Lucrative Career Paths for Masters in Psychology Grads

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Those who are looking to obtain a master’s in psychology will most likely want to know a bit more about what they can expect once they graduate from the field. While many people assume that they will most likely become a therapist or work in human resources at a local business, there are actually many more positions open to individuals with these qualifications. For those who are interested in some of the more lucrative and exciting positions, this list will provide them with some insight into the possibilities that are available to individuals with these sorts of qualifications.

1. Violent Crime Researcher

One of the more thrilling positions available to those with a master’s degree in psychology is as a violent crime researcher with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Researchers who fall into this category are trained to investigate certain types of crimes, such as serial murders, and they do so by interviewing those who commit the crimes to obtain data for their research. Some of the information gleaned from these exercises include the education level of the criminal, marital status and history, sexual deviancy and employment history.

2. Researching School Shootings

According to the experts, school shootings have been going on as far back as the 1970s and there are experts whose job it is to study them. One of the main aims of this sort of position is to find out what happened, as well as attempt to answer some of the why and how questions surrounding the incident.

3. Testing Bias

Bias in education often leaves many students in the dark, particularly when it comes to testing. For this reason, it is up to the professionals to investigate it.

4. Air Force Recruiter

Recruitment is one of the options available to master’s graduates, although some individuals opt for positions with organizations such as the air force.

5. Court Consultant

Consulting for court trials is one of the more lucrative options available to individuals with a master’s in psychology. Since these positions are quite esteemed, individuals will usually need to be quite respected in their field before taking this sort of post.

6. User Experience Researcher

Psychologists are responsible for testing user experiences for companies that manufacture and sell toys. This position usually involves working with children who are the main target market for toy companies.

7. Trial Consultant

Trial consultants aid lawyers and advocates in putting together a strong prosecution or defense. These professionals help to select jury members, among a variety of tasks.

8. Video Game User Researcher

Another exciting position available to master’s graduates is that of video game user researcher. These professionals will work to determine how people experience video games within different demographics, as well as determine which titles are going to be more popular once they are released onto the market.

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9. White House Psychologist

A White House psychologist is usually the professional that consults and advises on all matters that fall within this domain. These professionals usually have a hand in implementing certain policies, whether they are in education or within research organizations.

10. University Provost

The provost of a university is usually in charge of a certain school within the establishment, and this is a very respected position to hold. These professionals usually start out by teaching at the university before going on to hold an administrative post.

11. Design Psychology

Design psychology is a relatively new field and it involves design with the aid of psychology as a tool to assist in the process. This gives individuals the opportunity to combine their creativity and passion for psychology.

12. Medical Error Psychology

Errors within the medical field lead to fatalities on a regular basis and there is a field of psychology directly responsible for studying these issues. This field aims at reducing the number of errors in the field, thereby helping to reduce the number of associated deaths.

13. Highway Safety Analyst

Highways can pose great risks to users when they are not utilized correctly, and each year, deaths occur on these roads. Psychologists are hired to find out why accidents happen, as well as implement measures to prevent them from occurring. This field involves finding out what puts people at risk, whether this involves drinking and driving or falling asleep at the wheel, and coming up with policies and educational material so that individuals make better choices about their use of these roads.

14. Aviation’s Human Factor Practitioner

An aviation’s human factor practitioner is someone who works within the field of aviation to study human behavior as it relates to this industry. In previous years, the field has played an important role in reducing pilot error, and as a result, reducing fatalities within this industry.

15. Professor

Many graduates go on to teach at the universities in which they have studied, as well as many others around the country. Many professors conduct research at the university in which they teach, allowing them to make exciting advancements within their field of interest.

16. Traffic Psychologist

A traffic psychologist seeks to understand the behaviors of drivers and utilize the information to implement policies that will reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the roads. Some of the more fascinating topics within this field include road rage and drinking and driving, among others.

17. Art Therapist

An art therapist makes use of art as a tool to assist individuals in overcoming many of their psychological issues. The form that the art takes ranges from painting to pottery and it has been known to be very effective.

There are a wide range of positions that individuals can take up once they have completed their master’s in psychology and have registered with the American Psychological Association. The paths that professionals take that lead them to their future careers is often surprising and unexpected, although when it comes to the field of psychology, it is almost always interesting. Anyone looking to enter into this field will most likely look forward to a challenging and thrilling career ahead.

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