20 Top Places to Work with a Masters in Psychology Degree

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Within any psychology department, students will find a wide range of unique specializations and opportunities. This translates to many different job titles and places to work upon graduation.

The following are 20 of the top places where psychology graduates might find a job.

#1 Hospital

Large hospitals always have need for qualified graduates to work in the psychiatric departments. Those who specialize in clinical psychology or abnormal psychology will find employment in this area.

#2 Private Clinic

An alternative to working in a hospital for those who prefer a more intimate environment is a small, private clinic. This could also include a psychologist’s own private practice.

#3 Retirement Home

There is a rising need for psychologists to work with the elderly, who may exhibit mental health issues as they age. Counselors and social workers will also find employment on-staff in this type of setting.

#4 Elementary School

If you enjoy working with small children, finding employment as a school counselor in an elementary school may fit the bill.

#5 High School

Those who prefer to work with a slightly older age group will enjoy the challenges of being a counselor or school psychologist at a high school. You may deal with behavioral issues, career counseling, or substance abuse counseling.

#6 University

Colleges and universities usually have their own health services departments, and need mental health professionals on staff.

#7 Homeless Shelter

With a degree in counseling psychology or clinical psychology, you may be able to find employment helping the homeless. A high percentage of homeless individuals suffer from mental illness and need treatment.

#8 Halfway House

A halfway house is where those who are not quite ready to make the transition from prison back to regular society go, and they need counseling to get to that point.

#9 Prison

Mental health professionals are in dire demand in prisons, where substance abuse problems and mental illness are common issues.

#10 Rehabilitation Center

Those who specialize in addictions or substance abuse counseling can find a job in a rehabilitation center, for group and individual therapy sessions.

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#11 Government Office

Many government offices need qualified psychologists to help shape public policy.

#12 Human Resources Department

Students who specialize in industrial-organizational psychology can find employment in the human resources department of a business, to help place employees in the right positions.

#13 Corporate Office

There are other positions available for social psychologists within the ranks of corporations, to help increase productivity using behavioral science.

14. Courtroom

Forensic psychologists may be called upon to participate in court cases, verifying a defendant’s mental stability, or lack thereof.

15. Police Station

Another area where forensic psychologists may work is in a police department. They can help police officers track down criminals using their knowledge of human behavior.

16. Law Firm

Because psychology plays an important role in many court cases, psychology graduates can become valuable assets at law firms.

17. Career Center

There are job centers devoted to helping jobseekers find the right career path. Qualified counselors assist with this, as well as providing motivation, advice, and support.

18. Private Research Laboratory

Neuropsychologists and experimental psychologists may work in a private lab, conducting research to unlock further mysteries about the truths behind human behavior.

19. University Research Laboratory

Most major universities also employ psychology graduates to work in their on-site laboratories as well. Psychologists may perform studies with the help of student volunteers, or using laboratory animals.

20. Athletics Department

Sports psychology is another specialization that Master’s in Psychology students can choose to pursue. This could lead to a job working with athletes, coaching and motivating them during stressful times.

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