10 Awesome Masters in Organizational Psychology Careers & Jobs

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One of the most lucrative specializations in psychology, organizational psychology involves the study of behavior within the context of an organization or workplace. Graduates of this type of program can expect to learn more about increasing productivity, testing products, and assisting with employee job placement. There are many different career and job possibilities within this realm, most of which will be located within the confines of a corporate entity. However, organizational psychologists could also work within a research or academic environment.

The following are ten of the most interest possibilities to explore for recent graduates.

#1 Technology Consultant

Individuals who have a particular interest in the interaction between humans and machines might enjoy the unique position of technology consultant. They help work on the usability of new technologies, and conduct research regarding how a new form of technology will be best received in the workplace. Technology consultants could work as independent contractors or as full-time staff members in an organization.

#2 Employee Counselor

Although clinical psychology graduates may also fill this type of role, many organizational psychologists will work as consultants to help improve corporate efficiency, while also offering counseling services to employees. They may deal with conflict resolution, substance abuse, and diagnosing employee mental health issues.

#3 Human Resources Manager

Many graduates with a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology go on to work in a human resources office. Human resources managers can use a degree in psychology during the hiring and firing process, to determine which types of personalities would be the best fit in any given position.

#4 Employee Relations Manager

The job of an Employee Relations Manager is to help solve problems that arise on the job between employees or between management and employees. Having an impartial third party with a background in psychology can help cool these problems down and keep employees happy at all levels of the organization.

#5 Business Researcher

Many graduates from an organizational psychology program will find work in a research environment. Researchers could work full-time in a business’s own research department, or they could work as independent consultants for several companies.

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#6 Efficiency Expert

The goal of many organizational psychologists is to help make a particular company more efficient. This efficiency can be judged in terms of effective policies, employee placement, and customer satisfaction. To help improve efficiency, a consultant in this field will use tools such as surveys, statistical analysis, and individual interviews with employees and managers.

#7 Organizational Development Consultant

Businesses have the need for development consultants, who can analyze their current organizational methods to see what might work better. Graduates with a degree in psychology can work as development consultants within the organization, helping with issues such as leadership development and training.

#8 Psychology Instructor

Holding a graduate-level degree in organizational psychology can qualify you to work as a professor at the university level teaching industrial and organizational courses. Some graduates may also choose to teach introduction to psychology courses at the high school level.

#9 Expert Witness

Like a forensic psychology, an organizational psychologist may find employment at a law firm, where they are able to take to the stand and provide expert testimony regarding the workings of a business or the mental stability of a defendant.

#10 Market Researcher

Having a background in psychology is extremely useful for market researchers, as they design surveys, analyze statistics, and conduct research to help develop marketing campaigns. This can be used to drive the next advertising campaign that a business chooses to use, or to distinguish one product design from another to determine which will be better received by clients.

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