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The following is a list of Masters in Psychology programs throughout Louisiana.

Program Type Format
Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
156 Thomas Boyd Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2750
At Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, you can study towards doctoral programs in psychology, across a range of different disciplines. These include school, clinical, biological and cognitive/developmental psychology. The course is very heavy, including practical and theoretical work, internships and a thesis, as well as numerous pieces of research work. At present, the university does not offer a terminal master's degree as they have chosen to focus more strongly on offering a greater variety within the doctoral programs. The university itself has a strong commitment towards empowering their students to achieve all they can achieve and to push their academic limits. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Psychology Master's Online
Master of Arts in Social Psychology Master's Campus
Louisiana State University-Shreveport
One University Place, Shreveport, LA 71115-2399
Louisiana State University-Shreveport offers a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology that is crafted specifically to lead graduates into careers as professional counselors. This program offers students the chance to practice in a wide selection of facilities and industries including community counseling, the court systems, hospitals, substance addiction therapy centers and more. It is designed with the practitioner-scientist model in mind and emphasizes research and counseling as the focus of study. Students are also encouraged to aim for higher academic success by gaining a Ph.D. following graduation from the MSCP program. Graduates of accredited programs are eligible for counselor certification following the success of a program after meeting all necessary qualifications. [full profile]
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Master's Campus
Masters in Clinical or Counseling Psychology Practitioner Track Master's Campus
Masters (Masters of Science) in Clinical or Counseling Psychology Thesis Track Master's Campus
Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology PhD/Doctorate Campus
Louisiana Tech University
305 Wisteria, Ruston, LA 71272
Louisiana Tech University Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences offers a variety of different Psychology Degrees and Certifications at graduate levels. Students can undertake a Post-baccalaureate program in Domestic and Family Violence and A Master of Arts Degree or Doctoral Degree in Counseling and Guidance or Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The Department strives to gives students knowledge of the theories and practices involved in modern day Psychology which ever field they choose to pursue. Graduates can and often do, go on to further study or to gain employment and become successful, licensed practitioners in a wide range of Psychology based professions. [full profile]
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology Master's Campus
Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology PhD/Doctorate Campus
Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology PhD/Doctorate Campus
Master of Arts in Psychology Master's Campus
Northwestern State University of Louisiana
University Parkway, Natchitoches, LA 71497-0002
Northwestern State University of Louisiana emphasizes the development of vocabulary and theory and promotes analytical and critical thinking skills. Through applied research, practical training, and the integration of behavioral exploration, students are encouraged to study a wide range of science courses that will give a well-rounded and diverse education to expand into real life applications. NSU promotes professional hands on learning to assist students in developing a diverse learning experience enhanced with top of the line technology. Students are expected to pursue further education in a graduate program, or apply for employment in their field of study following graduation. In order to apply for the graduate program in psychology, undergraduate students require a full 48 semester hours with a broad selection of psychology courses. [full profile]
Clinical Psychology Master of Science Program Master's Campus
Master of Science in Psychology Master's Campus

Psychology Education In Louisiana

Louisiana is known for Mardi Gras, Cajun food and amazing bayous, but in addition, it is also a great state to work in, particularly if you are interested in becoming a psychologist. If you meet all the stringent requirements set by the state in terms of education, experience and examination, an interesting and rewarding career awaits you.

The requirements are tough, but this is because the state recognizes that psychologists have to be able to shoulder heavy responsibilities. Patients place the trust for their mental health and well being into psychologists, and this trust should not be broken. As such, the state takes this very seriously, and only the best will be able to become licensed.

Educational Requirements to Become a Licensed Psychologist in Louisiana

All psychologists in Louisiana have to be educated to doctoral level. The program has to be accredited by the American Psychological Association or otherwise recognized by the state. By obtaining a doctorate, you demonstrate that you have focused knowledge that is applicable to the field of psychology.

First, however, this means completing a four year bachelor's degree, followed by a two year master's degree. After this, you will have to choose your doctorate program, which can either be a Psy.D. or a Ph.D.. It is recommended to speak to a career adviser at this point, because deciding between these two options will influence your entire future. The Psy.D. usually takes around two years to complete. The Ph.D. requires you to complete and defend an original research thesis, which means it is more likely that it will take you at least four years to complete. Funding and grants also tend to be higher for the Ph.D. degree because of this added time. Both the Ph.D. and the Psy.D. are likely to include an internship, which you will be able to use towards your professional supervised experience.

Supervised Professional Experience for Psychologists in Louisiana

The Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists will only license psychologists who have completed at least 3,000 hours (two years) of supervised professional experience. Up to one year of this can be completed during a doctoral internship. The other year has to be post graduation, however. Your supervising psychologist must be fully approved and licensed by the Board.

Louisiana Psychologist Licensure Examinations

Once you have graduated from your doctoral program and have completed the supervised professional experience, you will be able to take the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). This multiple choice test consists of 225 questions and is administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB). A pass rate of at least 70% is required. The test covers the nationally agreed standards for psychologists, and covers the following eight core areas:

• Biological Bases of Behavior
• Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior
• Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior
• Growth and Lifespan Development
• Assessment and Diagnosis
• Treatment, Intervention, Prevention and Supervision
• Research Methods and Statistics
• Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues

At present, the cost of this test is $600, although this does change regularly.

The Career of a Psychologist in Louisiana

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were some 550 psychologists employed in the state as of May 2014. These have been subdivided into two categories. As such:

• Clinical, counseling and school psychologists earned an average of $81,540 per year, which is an increase of 5.8% compared to the last count. The industry has grown by 19%, which is very significant.
• All other psychologists earned an average of $87,340 per year, up by 4.4%. Their industry has grown by 12.1%, which is also very high.

Naturally, an average salary means that half of all psychologists earn less than that amount, and half earn more. Additionally, there are significant differences in salary depending on the exact employer, years of experience and type of degree. This is where you will find out just how influential your choice of doctorate degree has been. With a Psy.D., you will mainly work in direct care settings, providing clinical services to patients with mental illnesses. If you have completed a Ph.D., you can still do this work but it is more likely that you will be involved in research, developing new theories and practice models for other psychologists. Alternatively, you may work as a lecturer, preparing the next generation of psychologists for their careers.

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