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An Introduction to Sports Psychology

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The game is on the line, and with five seconds left who wants to take the last shot? Or, your team is driving down the field for the winning touchdown, is there a player in the huddle that takes the leadership role in the team. Or, it's late in the game and your team is given a penalty kick, but no one wants to take the shot. These are all regular events that occur in sport every day, both on the professional level and in youth sports. How athletes handle pressure situations is the main focus in sports psychology.

The psychology of sports first became a focus in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Studies were starting to be held to find out why certain athletes perform better in clutch situations, while others don't. Over the years, sports psychology has branched out to involve the psychology of coaching and how to deal with younger athletes and parents. 

The field of sports psychology is an interesting and ever evolving area in the world of sports. Athletes and teams regularly consult with psychologists on how to help players in all sports perform better. To learn more about sports psychology, please refer to the following links.

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