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The healthcare field is constantly evolving and improving, and technology is driving much of this change. The infographic below titled ‘Telehealth - Communication Technologies and the Future of Healthcare’ details how the telehealth field is using technology to drive better long distance access to health care.

With the use of telehealth technology, we as a society are creating better and equal access to medicine for all. This, in turn, facilitates better communication between doctors, pharmacists and patients.

Healthcare Access Unequal

As this chart reveals, we currently do not all enjoy equal access to healthcare. Did you know that rural areas have less than 50% of the doctors per 100,000 people than urban centers do?

Telehealth technology, including telemonitoring services and blood pressure management from a pharmacist, will have better healthcare outcomes. This can occur even in areas where there is unequal access to doctors. Statistics show that telehealth will lead to improved outcomes for patients:

Children also stand to benefit greatly from telehealth. One small program tried telehealth in several schools. This pilot program managed to save the school district and parent considerable sums of money. Telehelath also provided at risk kids with better access to doctors and psychologists.

Telehealth also provides benefits for the environment - saving in the need to drive to the doctor. When you think about it, telehealth has substantial benefits all around, so hopefully, this technology trend will continue in health care for years and years.

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